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April Philips Design Works

Project Roles

  • Site Design
  • Full Site Development


  • Wordpress Integration
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Unique custom home page carousel

April Philips Design Works is a company that specializes in landscape architecture and is the creator behind the iconic San Francisco Union Square.

Their previous site was designed and developed by Mike “Travers” Lee back before Travers + Todd was a company.  So it was only natural they came to us when they wanted to re-vamp their site with an updated aesthetic.

The site was built to allow the people of APDW to add to their ever-growing collection of projects with ease.  WordPress was an obvious choice for a content management system. 

With the design, we tried to capture the APDW mission:

“We believe that design is about the enhancement of human experience and the integration of natural and man-made systems to create beautiful, resilient and eco-literate places.”

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