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Made in San Francisco



We Push Electrons

We are makers, builders, tinkerers, and hobbyists who can’t sit still.

At our core, we’re a digital services agency that builds web properties. Those properties may include a website, a simple landing page, broad campaigns with multiple touchpoints, or complex web applications requiring high security.

Outside of the “office”, we’re also known for tinkering with Raspberry Pis to create web-enabled garage door openers, and we’ve also custom-built drones (the safe ones) that can capture stabilized video from a kilometer away.


We are Michael Travers Lee & Joshua Todd Levy, two friends who have rock climbed together since 2007 and have worked together for nearly as long.

We each built our own businesses with low overhead and strong collaborations in the form of ad hoc content, design and development teams. We found that over 80% of the projects in which we would engage clients, we did so as a team. It was only natural to formalize this partnership. We remain a boutique agency, bringing in industry and subject matter specialists as needed.

The Band of Misfits