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Glooko needed their new site design developed… yesterday. Given that we have worked with Glooko’s VP of Marketing at various companies (spanning 19 years), and the designer for the past 5+ years, they knew they could count on us for an expedited turnaround.

As with all of our projects, we begin with discovery to determine the best course of action, then plan for content management, usability, analytics, future enhancements and the like. Development was fast and the site management and experience were as prescribed. Many projects have a hiccup that could not be accounted for… this particular site required an ssl certificate that the hosting provider could not support (imagine that). Not a problem… We migrated Glooko to a new provider width more bandwidth, SSDs, more memory, and with a working ssl cert, all on a vexible VPS which will grow and shrink as their marketing efforts require.

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