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Project Roles

  • Full Site Development


  • Built on Wordpress
  • Fully Responsive
  • Lever.co job boards integration
  • English, French, and German site localization.

Our continued engagement with Medallia led to a complete redesign and redevelopment of medallia.com in 2017.

With GDPR going into effect in 2018, Medallia crafted a strategy to meet their audience on a global scale. The resulting family of medallia.com properties were developed with localization as a top priority. Rather than rely on legacy methodologies that worked well, but were time consuming to build and manage, as well as being extremely expensive, we assessed and implemented a dynamic solution. By leveraging contemporary services and apis, we were able to deliver one source of truth to our production environments. As a user requests a page on a localized site, the translation occurs via an api in under 70ms. We further enriched Medallia’s SEO ranking by prerendering specifically for search engine indexing. Each localized site is served via Medallia’s CDN, minimizing any latency to the end user.

Along with all the bleeding edge localization and SEO development, we provided Medallia’s Content Creators with the tools they have come to expect: page layouts, section builders, carousels, video, accordions, etc. These all adhere to the strict design guidelines directed by Medallia’s Design Studio.

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