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Project Roles

  • UX/Conceptual Design
  • Front-end development

Ubiquity is a company determined to spread the word to all Americans the importance of saving for their retirement.

We have long worked with Ubiquity, and when they rebranded from The Online 401k in 2014, we were brought on to develop art direction and the UX for their new website. Using the logo their awesome in-house designer, Rob Mohan, gave us, we used the colors and logotype’s typography to develop a design language that felt contemporary, modern, and approachable.

The design needed to appeal to newer markets they were exploring, and it needed to be responsive. It also needed to be flexible enough to allow for new products to be added while making the product-selection process easy even on small devices.

We’re big fans of the company and their team, and the collaboration with Ubiquity’s marketing team resulted in a new site we can all be proud of.

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